serving authentic regional Thai food
 Noshes & Nibbles
Mieng Kham (gf) $10
Fresh Betel leaves, grilled shrimps, diced ginger, lime,
fried shallots, roasted coconut flake, roasted peanut,
with caramelized galangal paste (Seasonal)
Lon of Crab Dip (gf) $13
Jumbo lump crab, coconut milk, shallots,
lemongrass, sweet chili, kaffir lime leaves served with
Rice cracker and fresh vegetable
Calamari & Pineapple $11
Deep Fried calamari, grilled fresh pineapple with
lime cilantro cream
Crispy Pork Belly $10 
Fried pork belly, sweet pepper, fresh pineapple,
shallot, scallion, dried shrimp,and spicy lime vinaigrette
Steamed Noodle & Mushroom (gf) $9
Rice noodle, shitake mushroom, sweet turnip, carrot,
mix green, crispy rice, herbs with spicy lime sauce
Chiang Mai Platter (gf) $10 s 
Chiang Mai Chili Relish, grilled herbal pork, served with
pork cracking and fresh vegetable
Yum Som O (gf) $12
Fresh pomelo salad, crab, grilled shrimp, shallots, dried shrimp, roasted coconut, fried shallots with
chili jam vinaigrette (Seasonal)
Crispy Spring Roll (v) $7
Carrot, cabbage, bean thread noodle, wood ear mushroom
served with plum sauce
Chicken Ko Rae (gf) $9 
Grilled marinated chicken thighs
served with cucumber relish

Classic Tom Yum Goong (gf) $6 s
Shrimp, lemongrass, kaffir-lime leaf, oyster mushroom,
scallion and cilantro
Classic Tom Kha (gf) $6
Chicken thighs, galanga, oyster mushroom, coconut milk ,
chili and cilantro oil
Om Pork Rib (gf) $5 s
North Eastern region spicy soup, Dill, oyster mushroom

and scallion

Som Tum Thai (gf) $8
Green papaya salad, chili, garlic, tomato, dried shrimp, roasted peanut, string bean
Som Tom Isaan (gf) $9 s
Spicy North Eastern region salad, field crabs, dried chili,
tomato, string bean
Isaan Larb Pla (gf) $14 s
Spicy minced salmon, galanga, shallots, roasted rice powder, mint, scallion, cilantro served with fresh vegetable
Chiang Mai Larb Moo (gf) $12 s
Spicy northern region minced pork,
Thai herb and spice, shallots, mint, scallion, cilantro,

fried garlic served with fresh vegetable
Crispy Duck & Lychee (gf) $14
Boneless duck, shallot, ginger, green apple, lychee,
cashew nut, scallion, cilantro with Lychee dressing
Salad Khaek (gf) $6
Fresh greens, cucumber, tofu, tomato, carrot, boiled egg
served with peanut sauce

Eggplant and cauliflower $14 s
Garlic, shiitake mushroom, red chili, fermented soy bean,
fried tofu, dark soy sauce and Thai basil
Kaeng Ho (gf) $15 s
Stir-fry Northern region curry paste, mung bean noodle, string bean, eggplant, young bamboo, red chili, coconut milk and scallion
Spicy Young Bamboo (gf) $14 s 
Fried tofu, cauliflower, carrot, string bean, young peppercorn,
red pepper, kaffir lime leave and Thai basil
Sriracha Noodle $14
Bean thread noodle, egg, onion, carrot, pickle garlic,
fried tofu, cauliflower, shitake mushroom and scallion egg, pickle red chili and sweet soy sauce

One-plate Meals
Classic Pad Thai (gf) $16
Chanthaburi rice noodles, jumbo shrimp, egg,
crushed peanut, dried shrimp, brown tofu, bean sprout
and asian chives
Pad Thai Bo Raan (gf) $16
Chanthaburi rice noodles, jumbo shrimp, crispy Pork Lard, egg, crushed peanut, dried shrimp, brown tofu,
bean sprout and asian chives
Khao Soi Chicken $15
Northern egg noodle curry soup with Braised chicken, pickled mustard green & shallot, crispy noodle and lime
Boat Noodle Soup $15
Famous 48 hours beef stew noodle soup, egg noodle,
bean sprout, scallion, cilantro, garlic oil, Thai basil
and pork crackling
Pad Se Ew $13
Stir-fried flat rice noodle with asian broccoli, egg, pickle red chili and sweet dark soy sauce / Substitute for shrimp $16
Kee Mao Noodle $14 s
Spicy flat rice noodle stir-fried with chili sauce,

young bamboo, Thai basil, onion, young peppercorn,
red pepper and egg / Substitute for shrimp $16
Crab Fried Rice $16
Jumbo lump crab meat, onion, butter, egg, scallion,
tomato served with fresh cucumber
Khao Pad Chili Jam $16 s
Fried rice with Jumbo shrimp, sweet pork sausage, onion,

egg, asian broccoli and cashew nuts

Rice Accompaniments
served with Jasmin rice
Beef tenderloin Green Curry (gf) $22 s 
Coconut milk, fresh bamboo, Thai eggplant,
lesser galanga, red chili and basil
Braised Chicken Mussaman (gf) $14
Braised chicken thighs , coconut milk, potato, onion, peanut
and fried onion (gluten free without fried onion)
Hang Lay of Pork (gf) $16
Northern region curry, pork belly & shoulder, ginger,
pickle garlic, peanut and pickle onion
Kaeng Kua Supparod (gf) $21
Shrimp & mussel, red curry paste, coconut milk, fresh pineapple, shitake mushroom and kaffir lime leaves
Southern Crab Curry (gf) $23 s
Spicy Southern region curry paste, Jumbo lump crab,

coconut milk, kaffir lime leaves and betel leaves
Classic Pad Gra Pow $14 s
Minced chicken, garlic, red finger long pepper,

dark soy sauce and Thai basil
Southern Braised short Rib (gf) $22 s
Southern region chili paste, tumeric, shrimp paste, kaffir lime leaves, roasted cauliflower
Shrimp & Salted Egg (gf) $21
Onion, asian celery, red pepper, scallion, chili jam,
garlic and cream
Isaan Classic BBQ Beef $27
Grilled 8oz. Rib eye served with fresh cucumber, tomato with Thai spicy tamarind roasted rice sauce and sticky rice
Butterfly Branzino $27
Lightly braided butterfly whole Branzino, fried garlic and turmeric served with sweet fish sauce and mango salad
Dry Red Curry of Duck (gf) $24 s
Red chili paste, young peppercorn, young bamboo,

red pepper, kaffir lime leave and Thai basil
Spicy Pork Belly & Thai Basil (gf) $19 s
Crispy pork belly, sweet peppers, fresh pineapple,

garlic and Thai basil

Side Order
Sticky Rice $2.50
Jasmine Rice $1.50
Brown Rice $2.50
Peanut Sauce $0.50
Fried egg $2