serving authentic regional Thai food
Homemade Palm Sugar Ice Cream $9
sweet coconut rice, crispy Lotus Blossom cookie,
fresh cantaloupe
Homemade Thai Tea Ice Cream $7 (gf)
coconut jelly and condense milk
Kao Mao Tod $8
Fried Banana with pounded rice, coconut
and vanilla ice cream
Sweet Coconut Rice & Fresh mango $8  (gf)
Warm sticky coconut rice with fresh Champainge mango
Thap Thim krop $7
Crunchy-chewy water chestnut pearl, jackfruit in
iced coconut syrup

Unsweeten Iced Tea $2
Thai Iced Tea $3
Choice of milk / lychee / guava
Thai Iced Coffee $3
Coke, Diet coke, Sprite, Ginger ale $2
Sparkling Water $3
Spring Water (Panna) $3
Iced Green Tea $3
Juices $3
Cranberry / Orange / Pineapple / Guava / Coconut